Schloss Bröllin is a Gutshaus north of Berlin by an hour and a half. It is one of a spread of industrial agricultural buildings, built mostly in the 18th century. It was bought by a cooperative soon after the wall came down and has steadily been growing ever since as a Centre away from the busy centers where artists can put in concentrated blocks of time to work on varying creative projects. I have been living here since 2015, employed as the gardener/carpenter, helping out elsewhere when needed. The gardens were in a poor state when I was passed over responsibility for them. The formal vegetable and fruit gardens sit wedged at the back of the property between the forest and the graveyard. Two largish polytunnels give us the Mediterranean climate needed to grow the night shades and other semi exotics. A pizza oven takes pride of place under a lean2 shelter, built from found timber and disused roof tiles. Finn and myself built a treehouse under a sprawling apple tree for relaxing in on the hot summer nights.
Officially the garden grows salad, herbs, fruits and vegetables for the residents that come to stay, sometimes for a few weeks at a time. I share the garden with many local birds, deer, when they jump the fence, hedgehogs and many bees that give us delicious honey.